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The 2019 European Regional Unity Study Session


Preliminary schedule (might be subject to changes)

Wednesday 3/7

17-19 Open dojo (free training) at Stockholm Södra Shibu, Östgötagatan 17

Thursday 4/7

14-16 Open dojo (free training) at Stockholm Södra Shibu

18-20 Registration at Clarion hotel, Ringvägen 98

Friday 5/7        

8.30-17 Registration, Eriksdalshallen, Ringvägen 70

9-16 Examinations (4th + 5th dan), Eriksdalshallen  

14-16 Free preparations for Taikai (voluntary) Eriksdalshallen

16.30-18 Preparations for demonstrations (mandatory), Eriksdalshallen

18-19 Examiners and Judges Seminar, Eriksdalshallen

18-20 Registration, Clarion hotel

Saturday 6/7     

8.30-12 Registration, Eriksdalshallen

9-11 Taikai - qualifications, Eriksdalshallen

13-15 Taikai - finals, Eriksdalshallen

15.30-17.30 Training, Eriksdalshallen

19-22 Dinner party, Clarion hotel

22-01 Party, Clarion hotel

Sunday 7/7      

9-18 Study Session, Eriksdalshallen

Monday 8/7      

9-15.30 Study Session, Eriksdalshallen



Hiroshi Aosaka Sensei, 9th dan

Sensei Aosaka Hiroshi, 9th Dan Daihanshi and General Secretary of the WSKO in Europe and the Taikai President. The pioneer of European Shorinji Kempo has established the art worldwide and is respected in all areas of international martial arts. Was awarded 9th dan in Karate by the French Karate Federation. 

Official WSKO instructors

Kawashima Kazuhiro sensei, 8th Dan Seihanshi, WSKO Secretary-General.

Shoji Arai sensei, 7th Dan Junhanshi, WSKO Deputy Secretary-General.

Matsumoto Yoshifumi sensei, 7th Dan Seihanshi, WSKO instructor


Registration for the Unity study session is now open for all WSKO members aged 13 or above. 

Each country federation or country representative will submit registrations for the taikai (competition) separately.

Aosaka Sensei

Aosaka Sensei

Aosaka Sensei

Aosaka Sensei

Aosaka Sensei

Aosaka Sensei