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The 2019 European Regional Study Session


The basic schedule of this event will be:

Friday 5/7        Dan examinations (4th and 5th) and registration

Saturday 6/7        The 8th European Taikai qualifications, finals and party

Sunday 7/7        2019 European Regional Study Session (UNITY)

Monday 8/7        2019 European Regional Study Session (UNITY)

The specific schedule will soon be published, stay tuned.

Both the Taikai and the Study Session will take place in a venue in central Stockholm, only a short walking distance from the official hotel. We provide several different options ranging in prize. 



Hiroshi Aosaka Sensei, 9th dan

Sensei Aosaka Hiroshi, 9th Dan Daihanshi and General Secretary of the WSKO in Europe and the Taikai President. The pioneer of European Shorinji Kempo has established the art worldwide and is respected in all areas of international martial arts. Was awarded 9th dan in Karate by the French Karate Federation. 

Official WSKO instructors

Several additional official WSKO instructors will teach during the Study Session. We will announce the names when details have been settled. Stay tuned for more information.


Registration will soon open for all WSKO members aged 13 or above. 

Taikai participants will be submitted centrally by each participating country.

 Aosaka Sensei

Aosaka Sensei

 Aosaka Sensei

Aosaka Sensei

 Aosaka Sensei

Aosaka Sensei