Frequently Asked Questions

Please send your questions to and we will post the answers here to share with all participants.

is there any training in local shibus/dojos before the Taikai?

Yes, Stockholm Södras dojo is open for free training Wednesday 17-19 and Thursday 14-16. The dojo is 10-15 min walk from Clarion Hotel, on Östgötagatan 17. Please note that there will be no regular training session.

Is there any possibility to do some Embu-training in Eriksdalshallen on Fri 5th July?

Eriksdallshallen is available to participants in the Embukai at 14-16 during Friday.

How do I receive updates and information regarding this event?

There is now a Telegram group available to join for discussions before, during and after the Taikai and Study Session. Download Telegram and then join here:

Telegram group

We will also post information on our facebook-event.

What is the dress code for the formal dinner?

We recommend participants to use the dress code Smart Casual for the dinner.

Where will the formal dinner be held? What about the after party?

The formal party will be held in the banquet hall at Clarion Hotel. The dinner will conclude at 22:00, at that time the dance floor will open and all Study Session participants are welcome to join.

When is the last date to submit my payment for the event?

Please submit your payment no later than May 31st. Please contact us via email if you have any questions or concerns regarding this. Since bank transfers can take a few days we will reach out to participants that we haven’t received payment from about a week after the last payment date.

What kind of weather/temperature should I expect?

The summer in Sweden can be unreliable. The temperature will probably be between 15 and 30 degrees. 20-25 degrees most probable. We’re hoping for sunshine but since we are training indoors some rain could be welcome as well.

Transportation to the venue

The venue (Eriksdalshallen) is only 450 meters from the Clarion Hotel, a comfortable 5 min walk. If you are staying elsewhere - please find out the appropriate way of transportation.

Changing rooms

There are changing rooms and showers available in Eriksdalshallen. However, we encourage participants staying nearby the venue to change and shower at their hotel for a smooth and comfortable process.


We are happy to announce that there will be free coffee (espresso, macchiato, cappuccino, latte etc) made by professional baristas available at the venue (Eriksdalshallen) for all participants during both of the training days (Sunday and Monday).


Wireless internet connection is available for free at the venue (Eriksdalshallen).

Is the entrance to the embukai, competition, free?

Yes, we welcome all interested spectators free of charge.