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About the Taikai

We look forward to celebrate the 8th European Taikai with kenshis from all over Europe and overseas. 

The official Taikai takes place during Saturday, starting with preliminaries followed by the finals. 

We are honoured that Ms. Yuuki So, WSKO President, the Second-Generation of Shorinji Kempo Shike, will be the Honorary President of this event.

Sensei Aosaka Hiroshi, 9th Dan Daihanshi, Chief of the European WSKO Office, will be the Taikai President.

Sensei Kazuhiro Kawashima, 8th Dan Seihanshi, WSKO Secretary-General.

Sensei Shoji Arai, 7th Dan Junhanshi, WSKO Deputy Secretary-General.

We are pleased to present the competition categories for the 8th European Taikai:

  • Men and Women Kyu Kenshi

  • Women Dan holders

  • Men 1st and 2nd Dan

  • Men 3rd Dan or higher

Mixed pairs will participate in the category for men.

Each country can present at most three pairs in each category.

Registration is made by your Country Federation or Country Representative.

Information about the schedule is soon to come, stay tuned.

More information 

After discussions with Aosaka sensei we have decided that the rules for the Taikai will be the same rules as in the World Taikai in Osaka 2013. This means that female and male kenshi both can act as kosha and shusha, and be thrown and pinned on equal terms. This decision has been made due to the circumstances in Europe and as a reaction to intense discussions within the European Shorinji Kempo community.

Competitors can participate in one category only.

Registration is now open.